Do you need a site security service?

With a constant need for security, every site is different and with it comes its own set of blind spots, weak areas and security problems. Whether you need us to provide onsite CCTV to complement your existing security team or provide regular perimeter fence patrols and an established ‘presence’ to deter unwanted visitors. We offer a full site survey to highlight the areas that need more security, creating a tailored package that meets your needs.

Our team can help prevent theft or damage on your premises, with every construction site comes a risk of damage or theft whether it’s during the night, day or at weekends our team is here to prevent this. We understand that every site is dierent and has it’s own weak areas, blind spots and security problems.

Whether it’s CCTV you need or a regular perimeter fence patrol team we can provide this for you. We oer a full site survey, which will highlight the areas that are in need of more security, this will allow us to create the perfect package for you, tending to all of your needs.

In the rst intsance for full details on our services and how we can help you in particular and to speak to one of our fully trained managers please ring 07496 320245.