Do you need extra security help?

Perhaps you’d like our security personnel to complement your existing in-house team? We can provide plain clothes or uniformed guards who have the experience to ensure the smooth running of your business or event.

Close protection bodyguard

New Concept Security close protection bodyguard personnel provide a high level of security utilizing proactive operational procedures and on the ground support to instigate and maintain appropriate levels of protection.

New Concept Security Bodyguard staff includes highly skilled personnel, experienced in the realm of personal protection both domestically and internationally. We can provide you, your executives or key clients with a well-planned bodyguard protection scheme for implementation during your local or international travel.

Door Supervision

Any busy bar needs security. When people have had a little too much to drink, or for general safety purposes, it can be a great idea to have a professional and friendly security guard who can deal with problems in a quick and effective manner.

Our Guard Dog Services Are Ideally Suited For The Following Situations:

  • Large Areas eg. Golf Courses, recreation areas, theme parks
  • Sites with restricted line-of-sight eg. Large construction projects, warehouses, trucking yards, car/boat/caravan and train yards
  • Any site particularly vulnerable to thieves, vandalism or other illegal activities due to insufficient lighting, remoteness or social economic reasons
  • Areas with gang-related problems, underground parking, malls or high crime areas that may be too dangerous for security guards alone

In the rst intsance for full details on our services and how we can help you in particular and to speak to one of our fully trained managers please ring 07496 320245.